Singing & Coaching

Do you have a personal goal that you want to accomplish, for example:

  • Music theory
  • Technique
  • Preparing an audition
  • Finding gigs
  • Forming a band
  • Songwriting
  • Improvising
  • recording
  • Overcoming stage fright

Or other things that could be important for you, let me know in the Contact Form.

We can work on everything you want, it is a collaboration, to realise your goals.



Zoë loves to learn as much as possible about The Universe, especially about Consciousness. Whatever she learns she uses in her practice, in this way you will be able to get a holistic approach that respects the human in it's totality.


She doesn't limit herself to just one technique. She uses Solfège, CVT,

but also works on the personal blockages in the mental and the physique.

On this page you can find some of the branches of Universal Knowledge from which Zoë get's her methods.  

Qi Gong

Zoë sees the human body,

as intelligent matter,

the image we have in western


is only a limited view of the complete image of the human.

People have in all the cells of their body Qi,

This is The Life Force of Energy,

that in the western society

has been measured as electromagnetic energy.

Qi Gong teaches that by focussing the mind,

you can send this Qi to the places where it's needed.  


Complete Vocal Technique

During her education on the Herman Brood Academie, she was taught the fundamentals of the Complete Vocal Technique

These are three fundamental principals that form the basis of the healthy use of the voice.

With this clear schematic approach, you can effectively use your voice. 

Hereby these things are taken in account:

  • Support
  • The tension
  • The Vocal Modes
  • The general posture
  • Colouring Sound
  • Characteristic sounds

With this technique you learn to find extra strenght, Dimension and Dynamics inside your own voice. 


Ableton Live & Recording


Ableton is a DAW, Digitaal Audio Workstation.

With this you can compose, with the use of "Samples".

Also you can use Ableton to record you own songs.

Ableton is a Universe on its own, you can go in infinite directions, a lot of populair bands use Ableton, like "The Gorillaz" en "Radiohead".


So do you want to:

  • Compose
  • Mix
  • Record your songs


Zoë can help you along that way. 




How do you write a song?

Zoë takes you on a quest to find the ultimate connection between your inner visions and the performance.

Together you try to reveal that what is inside. 

Hereto Zoë uses tools such as:

  • Song structures
  • Interval recognizion
  • Chords recognizion
  • Harmony
  • Arranging
  • Lyric writing 

She is hereto inspired by Pat Patterson